Who is Burcu Uslu...

My interest in makeup started just like any other little girl - by looking up to my mother. Later on, this curiosity and interest turned into the beginning of a professional journey. After completing my education at Anadolu University, I started working in the industry with Mac Cosmetics in 2013. With the experience I gained, I joined the Events Team and worked as a makeup artist backstage at the Mercedez-Benz İstanbul Fashion Week , College  LaSalle 2016 Fashion Desing ShowBest Model Of  Turkey 2016 competition, among others. 



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Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week

Makeup Artist / Beauty Creative based in İstanbul

Fashion Shows : Mercdes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week (1 seasons with Mac Cosmetics.) (Meltem Özbek, Özgür Masur, Arzu Kaprol, Cihan Nacar, Derya Açıkgöz, Selma Çilek, AFFAIR, Les Benjamins,Brand Who, Atıl Kutoğlu, Bashaques, Bora Aksu, Deniz Berdan seasons 2016-2017), defilelerinde görev aldım.

In addition to the world of fashion and runway, I have worked as a makeup artist for catalog shoots of numerous brands such as İpek Evi, Barbdress, New Butix, Gusse Ayakkabı, İnsideout_id and also for the theater play "Ve Öyle de Oldu" written and directed by Deniz Uğur. Throughout my professional journey, I have added new experiences based on discipline and quality.

Most recently, I worked as a makeup artist at Ala Tokel Beauty Studio.Nowadays, I continue my career as a freelance makeup artist. If you want to feel confident with flawless makeup on your special days, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Event: Collage La salle 2016 fashion desing show

Event: Best Model Of Turkey 2016,

Event: Habiye Açık Hava sahnesi BENGÜ Konseri

Theatre: Sadri Alışık Tiyatrosu Deniz Uğur'un yazıp sahnelediği "ve öylede oldu" adlı tiyatro oyununda deniz uğurun makyajını tasarladım.

Clients: İpek Evi , Barbdress, New Butix, Gusse Shoes,